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SET FREE Festival Fashion

Logo & Brand Identity

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Who are they?

SET FREE Festival Clothing is a Sustainable Music Festival Fashion Company based in Europe.


What do they do?

SET FREE offers a complete festival look and feel. Their intent is to also provide information about where to wear their outfits with weather recommendations for each clothing item and how to make the best style outfits. Next to that, they want to involve durability in their process. They want to help produce sustainable clothing pieces and then alternatively once people have attended their festival and have no desire to wear their outfits, they want to help people to sell their SET FREE festival clothing. SET FREE essentially wants to make a sustainable ecosystem for their business.


Why did they work with us,
and why do they do what they do?

SET FREE came to Marshall Studio wanting a brand identity for their business after they saw a clear gap within the market; to help the Music Festival Space be more sustainable. They have vast experience going to festivals themselves so they thought this would be a great opportunity to make a company to tackle this problem. In order to stand out in their market, they needed a visual presence that clearly communicates their mission and purpose.

Two women with a dream.

We were asked by two ambitious business owners Merel & Tessa, to help them create a Logo Design and a Brand Identity for their new project - a Sustainable Festival Fashion Company for young women. Being involved in this space themselves, they really saw an urgent need for sustainable change within the Music Festival Space, so they set out to start their own business SET FREE Festival Clothing to tackle this problem head on.

Their aim is to make an impact by creating high quality sustainable clothing pieces, and furthermore, create a market place that encourages people to sell their SET FREE Festival Clothing they don’t want to wear anymore. SET FREE are well aware that people are not going to wear the same outfit to a festival numerous times. Their primary audience are women aged 18 - 35; their audience of women are fashionable, outgoing people, with a passion for music festivals. Their ideal female audience are women that like to shop on a monthly basis and have an average to an above-average income.

From the get-go they knew exactly what they wanted for their brand, so we got to work. Our end goal was to create a visually appealing Brand Identity, ensuring brand strength as they grow. A well-constructed logo system was needed along with a fully-fledged Brand Identity System to get the brand going strong.

Distinctive and quirky.

Having various meetings with Merel & Tessa and really understanding their audience and how they operate, it was clear that the SET FREE Festival Clothing Audience is fashionable, outgoing and distinctive.

Knowing this information, it was very important to express this throughout the brand through many visual cues. We did this by colour, form and symbolism. Through the Logo we shown “Distinctiveness”. This wordmark is simple in it’s form yet at the same time very distinct in it’s appearance. We chose an expressive eye-catching font to ensure that the SET FREE Brand stands out to their female audience. It was incredibly important that the brand could be flexible, so that it could be used across apparel and advertising touchpoints.

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What our client had to say.

From the first moment, Nathan reacted to our request, we instantly got a really good feeling. We couldn't wish for a better designer to get our brand identity to the next level. Nathan was very responsive, really took the initiative, and listens to and understands your needs. We couldn't be happier and would recommend him to everyone :)" - Tessa Krujis and Merel Bekers - Owners

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