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Logo Design / Brand Identity

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Who are they?

QRealtor is a brand new SAAS company directed at Realtors and changing the way they share listings.


What do they do?

They have created an app designed to declutter traditional Realtor House Signs, with a mission to make information easily obtainable through a simple QR Code Scan.


Why did they work with us,
and why do they do what they do?

QRealtor came to Marshall Studio to help gain footing with their branding, as they were a new startup business with no identity. QRealtor was created to simplify the Real Estate market, by giving customers instant access to their Realtor, without the hassle of getting contact details wrong, and removing all clutter you would see on traditional signs and business cards.

Using TECH not your TIME to sell real estate.

When Tim came to us to get branding created for the QRealtor App, he had several ideas in mind, but was desperately in need of someone to help him excecute. To give some background, QRealtor was designed to modernise the traditional Realtor process of having a sign with static details that could easily be outdated. With the pandemic in place and everyone forced to go digital, long gone are the days where you would approach a sign on a piece of real estate to inquire, only to find out that vital contact details have changed, or to not find the contact details you would want. With QRealtors well designed modern phone app, you can just scan a QR code to find all the neccasary details you need.

So when we designed this brand for Tim, it was really important that this brand felt modern and had a QR / Digital look and feel.

A QR Code Focus.

Going through several rounds of revisions, experimenting with several versions of the Logo, we finally came to this final version of the Logo as the symbol of the brand.

The mark embodies a camera focus frame along with simple a QR Code house sillouette. Tim wanted this mark to stand out and was very fond of Spotify's colour pallete as it was modern and eye catching.
We decided to follow that with a similar colour pallete.

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What our client had to say.

Nathan is one of the best and most professional designers I have ever hired. I have hired multiple designers in the past and Nathan sticks out above them all. I will certainly rehire Nathan over and over again when projects become available. - Tim Volner (Founder/Developer/CEO) at Poieo Dev

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