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MTI Aerospace & Defence

Logo Design / Brand Identity

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Who are they?

Mti is one of only a small number of organisations in Europe that can offer Aluminium Salt Bath Brazing. This process is employed in the manufacturing of Aluminium Enclosures, Aluminium Chassis, Aluminium Air and Liquid Cooled Cold Plates.


What do they do?

Mti’s core business is the packaging and cooling of electronics using complex Aluminium Enclosures, Aluminium Chassis, and other such Structures. Mti takes the component from the initial design all the way through to a completed, processed, and tested unit. They offer the complete manufacturing solution for Aerospace and Defence businesses.


Why did they work with us,
and why do they do what they do?

Mti came to Marshall Studio for a well-needed refresh. They wanted to modernize their company logo and corporate identity. Something important that was vital during the design process, was that they did not want to start from scratch but rather move on with history in mind and maintain some connection to the past.; keeping meaningful visual cues relating to their existing business. Mti's branding was outdated and felt unrelated to their current business. We wanted to make sure people who interact with the business can fully understand what Mti is trying to achieve.

Maintaining a connection to the past.

We were asked by Peter, a Director from Mti, to revamp their existing branding and make it into something more modern and innovative. One of the most important points raised when we started talking to Mti, was that they wanted to maintain a connection to the business' past. It was integral that we understood the foundations of the business, what they stood for, and what they were well known for. This was very important when communicating with clients of the likes of Honeywell Aerospace and the Ultra Group.

After various conversations, we realised whilst communicating that Mti is one of the only small organisations in Europe that can offer Aluminium Salt Bath Brazing. This was a great starting point for the branding and a linchpin of relatability for their audience.

Strong & Meaningful.

After asking about their unique process - 'Aluminium Salt Bath Brazing' and conducting hours of research on how it's done, we decided to create the logo and branding around that very process.

Some background on the Aluminium Salt Bath Brazing process:

The principle of Aluminium Salt Bath Dip Brazing involves joining non-melting metals at the brazing temperature by a brazing alloy that melts. To achieve this, the aluminium parts to be brazed must be ‘wetted’ by the filler metal in order to achieve a bond. Dip Brazing achieves this by immersing the structure to be brazed in a bath of molten flux which has the dual function of removing oxide on the aluminium and melting the brazing alloy.

The new Mti logo was created using a custom-designed typeface. The hard, sharp-edged, bulky characters represent metal within a Molten Salt Bath, being heated up to perform your Aluminium Salt Bath Brazing process.

This mark is unique, strong, and meaningful; providing a focus on the business's unique selling point.

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What our client had to say.

Nathan was excellent from the first chat we had. He led the process and provided guidance as we moved from initial design to final delivery. His approach is a balance between friendly and professional and was always clear as to what I would receive and when. Finally, the work he did was of an extremely high standard and the detail in the output was beyond expectation. - Peter Broido - Managing Director

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