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Mastery Weight Loss

Brand Strategy / Website / Brand Identity

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Who are they?

Mastery Weight Loss is an independent weight loss coaching business that helps people lose the weight the right way.


What do they do?

Mastery Weight Loss offers various training programs to help people lose weight, identify their problems, and have a sustainable approach to losing weight and keeping it off.


Why did they work with us,
and why do they do what they do?

Based on Ken's own transformation, losing 62.5 lb and keeping it off for 5 years, he decided to gather this information and package it so that he could help many more people do exactly the same thing that he did, without stressing about sticking to diets that they cannot maintain, and doing it in an enjoyable, sustainable way.

Punching through the misinformation

Ken gets straight to the point, punching through the misinformation. He uses this term to identify the issues in the American health and food industry, as he believes that it is corrupt and does not want to help people. Ken is all about no diets, sustainable changes, learning about the right mindset, and becoming healthy and more energised. So, to help him convey this point, we made his logo all about punching through the misinformation, while keeping the mastery within Mastery Weight Loss evident. Ken is also a patriot, so we wanted to make sure that we made his patriotism very clear throughout the brand identity, attracting other like-minded people to him.

Weight loss is a journey

Mastery Weight Loss did not convey these points before. It was all about patriotism, but it was not clear. The brand did not tell his story, but now it is in a position where it clearly shows his loveable personality in a clear form. We designed his website and various assets so that he hits all touchpoints of the same key messaging system. As you can see throughout the rest of the identity, the Mastery Weight Loss icon is shown in an outline to show the ups and downs of a journey. Ken is honest with his clientele, showing them that this is not a straight-line journey, so we wanted to make this evident throughout the rest of the identity

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