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King Copywriting

Brand Strategy / Brand Identity / Website

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Who are they?

Richard King is a UK-based copywriter helping technology companies with their copy.


What do they do?

He offers a range of copywriting services, from advertisement copy to website copy, to help simplify the complex world


Why did they work with us,
and why do they do what they do?

After finishing a career in the information technology space, Richard King developed a passion for using his technology knowledge to help businesses write their copy.

Simplifying the complex world around us

Richard initially came to me with a logo design and a website that did not reflect his mission. Richard's main aim is to simplify the complex world around us, so we thought his visual identity needed to be refreshed and simplified to carry his message. We also carried this across his website. His website was not optimised to enhance his conversion rate, so we redesigned it so that it was functional, built trust and was built for speed. We also selected a range of new photography that matched his brand message to place onto the website.

Communicating every touchpoint

Along with his website, we also designed various social media templates for him to use across his brand so that every touchpoint is conveying the same visual message. Whenever anybody sees a post from Richard, they know it is from him. We have also created email footers for Richard so that his message can be put across in emails. Compared to his previous website, this is something that he enjoys managing. He is now poised for growth.

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