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Website / Brand Identity / Logo Design

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Who are they?

iAccelerate is a Virtual Accelerator for pioneers in FoodTech and SynBio.


What do they do?

iAccelerate helps startups in FoodTech and BioTech reach their full potential, helping them increase startup viability, communicate their deep technology, raise funds, and create a quality offering to investors.


Why did they work with us,
and why do they do what they do?

iAccelerate came to Marshall Studio needing a Brand Identity and a website to match their vision. Most accelerators do very little to increase startup viability. Biotech and FoodTech are accelerating in biotech without an onsite lab. iAccelerate wants to make a difference and help startups get on the right track. The blockage question right now for startups is: how can tech reach the market? reach investors? for startups who are doing something completely new in biotech, startups often come from deep knowledge but they need detailed help in the path to commercialisation. This is where iAccelerate comes in to save the day! When we met with Ron to discuss his project he had no branding for the iAccelerate brand. He needed a brand that communicated his message clearly and beautifully.

Helping the companies venture into unknown territory...

With the initial meetings with Ron, he mentioned that it was important to communicate that doing business with iAccelerate was helping these Biotech and FoodTech startups venture into the unknown. Ron mentioned that he wanted the brand itself to resemble an exciting adventure, being a SpaceX fan himself, he loves rockets and brought up the idea of compasses for possible ideas. Also being in the Biotech and Food space he wanted the mark to also resemble nature in some way. So we attempted to venture down those avenues. In the end, we came up with a vibrant, compass inspired mark which also has biotech elements shown as leaves at the compass cardinal points.

Launching in 3...2...1 and liftoff!!

Once we finished the branding, we started the design of the website right away. We wanted the website to be functional, visually appealing and informative so that we could draw in his ideal target audience. Here at Marshall Studio, we use Webflow. This is the perfect solution that gives you complete design freedom, with clean semantic code. The iAccelerate website's main purpose mainly is to attract the eyes of investors and startups, so it was important to communicate the correct message, along with sharing Ron's mission in the best light possible. We never got to incorporate any rocket visual cues into the final version of the logo, but we did manage to add it on the site as imagery; we did this within the hero and on a lower segment of the homepage.

We also wanted this website to not be static, so there are plenty of interactions on the homepage showing movement to help the website visitors stay engaged with the content. We wanted a clean and clear user journey making sure that iAccelerate gets as many sign ups as possible!

Website URL

What our client had to say.

I had a short term deadline to get live on the web and Nathan was instrumental to meeting my goals. He worked hard to put the site up and didn't cut any corners. The result has successfully launched my business and was even announced on the web press! After talking to Nathan I felt he was terribly professional, and he outlined an ambitious and reasonable schedule I felt he could meet and that worked for my honestly demanding timeline. Nathan kept the project moving - he came to every milestone with what we'd agreed upon when really I expected the project to slip. He was able to take on my unexpected changes and get me on the web on time. It was very professional and really helped me. I am growing, and we had talked about how i would need a launch identity for now and a more sustainable identity longer term. I'm weighing it but the brand is working well and it is recognizable to my clients... either way i'm looking forward to working with Nathan as my business grows. - Ron Shigeta (PhD) & (Co-Founder at IndieBio)

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