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FTO Consulting

Logo Design / Brand Identity

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Who are they?

FTO Consulting is a Fractional CTO / Technology Consulting Company.


What do they do?

They consult companies within the manufacturing industry, specifically for Machine Shops.


Why did they work with us,
and why do they do what they do?

FTO Consulting came to Marshall Studio after having previous experience with us on a different project. They created this new startup FTO Consulting which required some direction on how to make this new brand effective. Most Machine Shops are very dim and grungy looking, therefore FTO Consulting wants to help change the industry by improving its image. FTO wants to consult Machine Shops and change the experience that people are having for the better

Clean & Sterile.

Tim from FTO Consulting came to us with an idea that he needed help executing. The thought behind this was that the Machine Shop industry needed a revamp. He wanted to ensure FTO resembles a consultancy firm that deals with very successful Machine Shops, for example with the clean painted grey shop floor, bright lighting and a cleaner aesthetic.

We have worked with Tim previously, and he came to us knowing that we could deliver him with a strong unique brand identity.

FTO Against The Status Quo.

FTO Consulting wanted branding that is against the status quo, resembling a modern Machine Shop, something clean, sterile, and bright. We delivered exactly that. When designing, Tim came to us with several reference points for design elements and a particular orange colour he preferred, so we were sure this was added to the final design.

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What our client had to say.

Nathan is one of the best and most professional freelancers I have ever hired. I have multiple freelancers working for me at all times and Nathan sticks out above them all. I will certainly rehire Nathan over and over again when projects become available. - Tim Volner - Founder/CEO

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