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Flick Change

Brand Identity + Illustrations

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Who are they?

Flick Change is a Digital Marketing Agency that accelerates positive social and environmental impact services to only high influence positive changemakers.


What do they do?

Flick Change offer an in-house understanding of your product and shared passion for your success, at agency level quality. Their aim is to provide Digital Marketing Solutions backed by data.


Why did they work with us,
and why do they do what they do?

Flick Change came to Marshall Studio with a clear vision and a strong message. The only thing left was the need for powerful visuals. Flick Change believes in fostering positive long-lasting change in human behavior for the greater good, and they do it by applying their talents to help brands create positive change in this world. Like many other startups, they needed professional guidance on how to communicate their mission visually. This is how we knew we could help them.

Understanding the essense of their mission.

The brief was to design the brand from Flick Change's brand values. They needed a simple logo design that made them stand out in the marketplace, along with a simple style guide to help them establish their new brand.
To start the project, we had to make sure that we had a ground-up understanding of the Flick Change business and what they wanted to achieve. We did this by looking at their brand values and having a clear understanding of them.

Brand Values:

Insights to create results (the logic)
Basing strategies on facts by building our foundations on data, real-life information, specialist tools and technology to allow clients to make better decisions.

Tasks to promote ethics (the bridge)
Accelerating positive social and environmental impact by only using our talents to help companies and people that are positive high influence changemakers.

Creative to inspire change (the creative)
The purpose of our creativity is to wash the dust off daily life by making a positive impact in other people’s lives, in turn, creating change in our society for the greater good.

With these brand values, we were able to gather visual cues that resembled their business. This helped us with the creation of the Logo Design and the Illustration style.

Giving the brand more visual consistency.

Once we had created a basic brand identity for Flick Change, we were then asked to help expand the brand visually. We did this by creating an illustration style that could be used across the brand and used for impactful storytelling; using the colour palette and referring to the brand visually we were able to make a quirky, yet modern illustration style to tell stories to fellow changemakers.

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What our client had to say.

Launching something new takes time, and to cut time down, it’s best to get specialists which will deliver quick and probably better results, Nathan was the best option to help me achieve my goals. When working with Nathan, he had great communication skills, friendly approach and you cared about what the brand stood for. Working with him was a smooth process. It's difficult to get to that level as a lot needs to be thought to create a concept before visuals can be created that represent it, Nathan handled this in the exact way I hoped for. The brand was/is a combination of what I cared about and what I’m skilled at. At the very least, it’s the visuals that are a representation of that. And given my values have not changed, I feel as strong about the concept as I did on day one. Overall i'm excited to work with Nathan again. Miles Jokic Owner of Flick Change

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