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Chasing Excellence

Brand Strategy / Brand Identity

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Who are they?

Chasing Excellence is a Birmingham-based networking business that has a mission to create authentic, value-driven networking.


What do they do?

They offer some of the best networking experiences in Birmingham, hosting various events across the city.


Why did they work with us,
and why do they do what they do?

They see a key gap in the market where networking is often a burden. It can seem like an awkward experience handing out business cards. They want to change this by creating a specific group of people who are there to make authentic connections where relationships can be made.

Be your best

One of the main drivers of the business was to ascend and be more, so we wanted to make this very evident throughout their brand identity and brand strategy. We decided to use the key colour of gold along with black to showcase higher value. We also chose a lion as the icon of the business, as this is often seen as a symbol of family, unity, strength and nobility, which are all the characteristics that Chasing Excellence want to show.

Authentic, Value Driven Networking

Upon gathering all of the key messaging that Chasing Excellence wanted to put forward, we created a brand identity system that they could use to showcase their events across key areas in the city, and various design concepts that they could use to sell their merchandise and share key messages amongst their community.

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