What is branding? Why is it important today?

It's more important now than ever to stand out.

Published on
May 23, 2022
Created by
Nathan Marshall

Branding summed up in a simple definition is perception.  This could be the perception of a company or even an individual (a personal brand). Branding is the process of creating a positive and specific themed perception of a company. Broken down this can consist of a Logo, Brand Identity System, messaging and personality.  In summary, it is how a company or individual is viewed and what it is known for regularly. If any aspect of a brand is changed, the perception could change.  Branding should be consistent everywhere it appears from a Brand Identity down to customer experience.  For example, Apple is perceived as consistent, high quality and a constantly evolving technology business.

We human beings, each one of us, have personal brands of our own. We are known for how we dress, look, our personalities and how we are remembered amongst our peers and acquaintances in our social circles. In our lives we don’t remember everyone we encounter, we remember the individuals that create an impact on our lives, whether that be through their memorable personalities, appearances or even forming friendships and lasting bonds. Businesses are no different.  Perhaps you remember your experiences of going into the Apple store to purchase your new iPhone or Apple device, being in a state of amazement being surrounded by sophisticated technology, made from the best materials.  Or maybe you remember heading into the local shopping centre on the weekend to go to the Krispy Kreme store to watch the freshly baked doughnuts get glazed to then order one and take your first bite to feel your taste buds dance with satisfaction. Those experiences from a brand perspective are the same as remembering how a family member is an excellent cook at a family gathering, never failing to surprise you with new delicious dishes.  In your head, you brand that family member as that amazing chef who creates food that you enjoy. Almost everything is branded in our minds.

Why is it important to express your brand today?

The digital landscape forever expanding is getting more and more saturated as it grows. There is always a new personality popping up, a new trend to be followed.  There is so much noise on the internet it’s getting more and more difficult for your voice to be heard and to gain the attention of others. As of May 2021 according to DataReportal, 65.6% of the world population has internet access. Right now it is already noisy.  Imagine when the other 30 percent get online! That is why it’s important more than ever to express your personality, your unique look, feel and personality in the digital landscape. Perhaps you are known for wearing specific colours? Maybe people say that you are a great communicator.  Put that out in the world and be consistent with it and create your brand whether that be a personal brand or a brand for your business! Create something relatable, that has a human-like personality that people can relate to!

Are you expressing your unique personality? Is your brand as human as you?

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